Saturday, March 26, 2011

Result of Sketchwalk at Marina Bay part 1

110326_skyline_before IMG_4255
Result of sketchwalk this morning. I was not productive as I spent more time talking and getting the group organized. Building on the same techniques, I inverted the salting textures to the water this time. It was the sky that was sprinkled with salt in the previous piece. Before the sketch at Marina Bay, the background was prepared with washes and sprinkled with salt. See photo on the left.

Oh yes, we had the show and tell at the air-conditioned Marina Bay City Gallery. We were such a big crowd in the small gallery that we were politely asked to leave the gallery after about 20 to 30 mins in there. We will like to express our appreciation to the gallery staff who allowed us to meet in there.

A3 size, salt, ink and watercolours. Some photos of the activity here:
IMG_4264 IMG_4259 IMG_4268