Monday, January 31, 2011

result of sketchwalk at Keong Siak Road - part 2


I did this piece first and I loved the view angle with People's Park tower as the backdrop. I was sitting opposite Tong Ya coffee shop on one of the motorcycle parking lots. I knew if I were to sit at the five-foot-way; a term we used to call the corridor of a typical shophouse; my view would be blocked by cars so I thought sitting on the road surface was a good choice. They said Tong Ya coffee shop served the best coffee and tea in the neighbourhood and people came in their cars kept moving in and out that I had a hard time deciding which car to include and which one to omit from my sketch.

The turn out was great at about 35 sketchers at the end of the show and tell session at Minju and Jeff's home on the upper storey of a shophouse fronting New Bridge Road. The lovely couple had a tastefully fitted home with cello, paintings, photographs, books and interesting artifacts and curios. It was a crazy idea to pack 35 sketchers in a shophouse living room but we managed! Thanks Parka for the video again.