Friday, November 19, 2010

at tcc last night


I attended the opening show of Watercolour Society annual exhibition at MICA last evening. Before picking up my car at Clarke Quay, I went to tcc, the coffee connoisseur, for a cup of coffee. The Christmas decorations were up on the end mirror wall already! I ordered tiramisu and macadamia nut coffee. I got a little 'high' with the sweet coffee aroma so I did another cafe sketch. The family of four with two young pretty girls sitting next to my table witnessed the entire drawing process and we had a little chat as they made some compliments. This proves again that sketching in the public is a social activity!

The two couples in this sketch were in their perfect look for Clarke Quay, the happening place at night. However, why were the ladies carrying such heavy big bags and for the man sitting in front of me, an iPad for the night?