Thursday, November 11, 2010

ting ting candies


It took me a while to post this sketch because I needed to photoshop it to give the sketch a depth.

Those who grew up here in the ’50s will remember the classic sweets called 'ting ting candies' made from molten malt sold by hawkers who were always on the move. The candy was typically prepared on a big round container and the hawker used a metal scraper like tool and a small mallet to hit and break the harden malt into smaller pieces. By hitting, it created the 'ting ting ting' sound thus the name.

At lunch near my workplace one hot afternoon, uncles and aunties were crowding around an old man selling the traditional 'ting ting candies'. The old uncle was standing under the shade of the tree with his potable aluminium container on a wooden stand at the roadside. Each packet was sold for $1 and many old uncles and unties stopped and bought them.