Thursday, October 21, 2010

more sketches of Kluang

Second location at Kluang, corner of Jalan Wayang. The shophouses here were adorned with big stone lions on the roof parapets with inscription that said "1936" or "1937". This sketch was done with a new tool - the sumi brush.


IMG_1970 Above is the sketch when we were back to the train station after a good long rest at the local KFC (photo on the left). The weather was really hot and humid so we went to KFC to enjoy the cool air. The chicken meal also seemed to taste better than that of Singapore's KFC. We took a walk around the streets and the town was very quiet and laid-back.

The train was about an hour late, so I did a quick sketch before the sky turned dark. The huge round sculptures in the middle of the sketch are tyres. I suspect it is because Kluang was initially a rubber planting town.