Monday, September 27, 2010

Result of Sketchwalk at Eunos


First location when we met at the food centre after a cup of good coffee. The lorries and vans were constantly coming in and out of the carpark lots. Now you see it and now you don't so it was a challenge sketching the vehicles. The little red shrine was what a sketcher called it "god's postbox" and there were many of them in different forms and shapes. I guess you need them there to protect the workers from mishaps and accidents in a industrial estate.

Ink on A6 Moleskine.


Second location, I was sitting next to a huge pile of rubbish sketching this. I was attracted to the forklift parked next to the bicycle and an uncle drove it away before I could finish it. So I added more curve lines on the road at the bottom left that was the original location for the wheels of the forklift. Colours added on the spot.

Ink and watercolours, 250mm x 250mm.


Third location, I found a forklift to sketch! So as four other sketchers. It was the same forklift that was parked at the second location. As I was about to colour the sketch, it started to drizzle so I added the colours later.

Ink and watercolours, 250mm x 250mm.