Sunday, August 01, 2010

the day we met for the very first time

100727_dinner 100727_pike
On Tuesday, 27 July 2010, for the very first time, I met up with other USK Correspondents for dinner at Steelhead Diner, Pine Street, Seattle. It was the very first time that we were able to relate the personalities to all those sketches we were all too familiar with on Urbansketchers website. Lapin started sketching Gerard and soon after, it became a portrait sketching session at the dinner table. We were later requested by the restaurant to move to another table so they could form a bigger table for a large group of diners. For that, we were rewarded with three free delicious deserts while we continued to sketch each other over beer and coffee. When were were done with the indoor sketches, we went to the viewing deck to sketch the views of the waterfront. Here are the photos and two sketches I did that evening.