Saturday, August 14, 2010

barber shop


The old barber shop at Siglap near my house was well worth a sketch as my two sons grew up having their hair cuts with the two brothers. The barber shop caters to men only so the men cast an curious look when I walked into the shop with my 1.92m tall 15-year old son. The elder brother was not there as it was his rest day on Sunday. I found out from his younger brother that the elder brother's health had suffered and he would have to go for kidney dialysis twice a week. The younger brother had aged a lot and put on some weight too. He talked to me while I sketched the old barber chairs which obviously were the most important items in the shop. "They have stopped producing these chairs," the barber said as he cut my son's hair. "They have served us well for the last 30 years." He continued. I made him younger and handsome in the sketch and he was pleased.

I did a little research on the internet and found out the the brand "Takara" was originated in Osaka and in 1957, Osaka's Takara Belmont Co. slipped into the U.S. and began a classic Japanese takeover. Source : Times, 1970.