Tuesday, January 19, 2010

a small temple and a small world


I found this small temple at Moonstone Lane near Serangoon / Macpherson area. The caretaker old uncle said it was built in 1957 and 福德祠 meant 大伯公庙 in Teochew, one of dialects spoken among Chinese people in South East Asia. This small temple was characterised by the huge ornaments on the roof top. They were very detailed and well maintained especially the two dragons which were decorated with very clean and colourful mosaics. I was told they were fabricated by the Chinese artisans from Malaysia in the 50s.

While I was about to finish my sketch, 6 to 8 young people came up to me. I was a little wary when two of them started waving their hands. As they removed their dark glasses, I immediately recognised them - my ex-students! Together with their friends, they were at the near-by warehouse checking out the big bikes. What a small world!