Wednesday, January 13, 2010

at a Korean restaurant


This is the place we had our lunch before going to Korea University where my daughter was studying under the Singapore-Korea varsity exchange programme. My daughter recommended the pork belly - one of the signature dishes of this restaurant. As usual, there were various types of kimchi, bean pastes and vegetables. We were following the local custom and wrapped the meat, kimchi or bean paste with the green leaves. It was really yummy!

People in this sketch were having steamboat and beer directly opposite our table. I remember asking myself when I was sketching : "Why are the couple still wearing winter jackets while having steamboat?". Looking at the sketch now, I could have added some steam to the steamboat.

Here are some photos of Korea University. It is a very big campus with huge plazas and neo-classical buildings. I thought I was in an European campus.

Korea University 1 Korea University 2