Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sketch Walk at Kranji Industrial Park

I join OIC members for a wonderful sketch walk last Saturday. We went to Kranji Industrial Park in Drewscape's van and we had one wonderful and fun roller coastal ride along the way when he made sudden right or left turn at almost every junctions. We also saw the most bizzard 'street art' on the tarmac road with fallen eggs in a triangular sunburst pattern.

We sketched at the scrap yard, concrete slabs production plant and another industrial plant with huge concrete silos structure. These sketchers are awesome and they are very, very good. They just could not stop sketching when we were having our yummy fish head curry lunch. Please visit urbansketchers-singapore for more sketches. Here are some pictures of our adventure. I have yet to find time to scan my sketches.

091212_lunchsketch2 091212_getting ready
091212_on the trailer
091212_lunchsketch3 091212_sketching1
091212_eggs1 091212_eggs2