Tuesday, June 30, 2009



Stephane's post talks about risking his life to sketch for Gabi and USKs, how about me risking my waistline going to the food outlets eat, drink and sketch! This is a typical drink or beverage stall at our local coffee shop chain called "KOPITIAM". Cigarettes are displayed above the counter but below the menu board. I was intrigued by this big transparent tube in the middle of the service counter. When I was sketching, I saw ice cubes plunging down from the ceiling to the storage under the counter inside the tube. I have not seen anything like this before.

I also realised by observing and sketching the menu board on top of the stall, the difference between traditional toast and French toast is probably the size of the bread! The fact that I like about sketching on location is really about observation and discovery. The nice lady minding the stall was happy to take a photo with my sketchbook. She also thanked me for making her look younger in the sketch.