Sunday, June 07, 2009

a busy artsy weekend

I had a very busy weekend. On Saturday, I did a sketch on location and completed a A2 size watercolour piece at home. On Sunday, I had my usual 'first Sunday of the month' breakfast at the Dragon Kiln followed by a visit to Sock Fong's glass studio at Emily Hill. My friends and I even made time to visit an art exhibition before the closing time at 6pm. We took a group photo at Sock Fong's glass studio.
From left: Yulianti Qey (Mrs Tan), Hua Hoong, Carol, Sock Fong, Siew Kuan, Tuan Yong and TIA.

CIMG1282 CIMG1265
Sock Fong and her studio assistants going through my sketchbook. It was a day with good food and very very good avanti expresso!