Thursday, June 18, 2009

Asnee is in town

Yesterday, I met Asnee, our fellow Thai urbansketcher and Pramote, his friend. Both arrived from Penang after meeting with Ch'ng Kiah Kien. Three of them had a wonderful sketching extravaganza combing the streets of Penang, Malaysia. Asnee will post about his sketching trips to Buthan, Penang and Singapore when he goes back to Thailand. Although it was the first time we met, I was so excited over the watercolour pieces they had done at the Singapore River in the morning before our meeting. Pramote's sketching gear is also making me very jealous! Asnee and I are working hard to get Pramote to join the USK community.

Asnee_lunch Pramote_brushes

After lunch, we went to Club Street for a quick tour. Asnee and I did a sketch of a newly opened bookstore Polymath and Crust from opposite view of the interior.

090617_86ClubSt Asnee_clubstreet

We took a photo with Kenny and Karen, the young owners of the bookstore. In the next photo, Kenny was browsing through Asnee's sketchbook.

Asnee_bookstore Asnee_kenny

I also brought them to Esplanade where Asnee did another wonderful sketch while Pramote and I were enjoying a glass of good cold beer.

Asnee_esplanade Asnee_action

While I was writing this post, Asnee just gave me a call to tell me they will be leaving for Thailand soon. Till we meet again fellow urbansketchers!