Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Laksa - another national dish


I did a sketch of a coffee shop selling our national dish 'chicken rice'. Yesterday I went to eat another popular national dish called laksa. The name 'laksa' traces back to Hindi/Persian lakhshah, referring to a type of vermicelliis. The laksa I had for lunch was white noodles with seafood ingredients such as cockles, prawns and fish cake served with special soup stock enriched with coconut milk and local spices. A standard bowl of laksa cost only S$2.00 (or US$1.4)- very cheap and rare in our city-state country. The tasty broth was scooped out from a traditional shaped aluminum pot placed over charcoal flame - very unique and rare in this modern times when gas or electric power are used for cooking. This laksa stall is so popular that there is always a constant flow of customers. The display cabinets are decorated with newspaper clippings, media write-up and stickers from the food critics.