Friday, April 10, 2009

at the figurine workshop



Thursday night my friends gathered to work on small clay figurines with reference made from Michelangelo's David. They leaned in on their respective pieces with their heads lifting upwards and right hands holding tight to the modelling tools. Well, as I did the sketch on my new sketchbook, I realised we all needed proper reading glasses for this type of work.

I let the pen skirt across the surface of the paper while my eyes were combing across the room. As I scribbled with dots and lines, my friend Carol was taking a picture of me in action. I felt a sense of satisfaction when I let myself get excited on the repetitive details of those greenwares on the shelves at the background. I added the patterns and textures to the clothings according to their preferences. For example, TY on the left wanted dots and Kuan on the right was wearing a black T-shirt. Mrs Tan in the middle was OK with a plain blouse while Tay, the instructor, was happy with a checkered shirt. The youngest group member who was wearing an apron, was standing at the back and he provided a vertical element to the composition.

This is what we hardworking urban people do after our daily office routine on a Thursday evening.