Saturday, March 21, 2009

sketching national monument


My ink catridge totally dried up when I finished this drawing on location. I literally used up the last drop of ink!

This afternoon my son and I spent about 25 minutes before his 2pm Akido class which is at a building adjacent to this national monument, an important building that connects Chinese revolution and our country. Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall or Wan Qing Yuan(晚晴园) was an old villa where Dr Sun Yat Sen stayed and planned the revolutionary activities in 1906 during the revolution. The planned uprising did happen in 1907 in China but the revolutionary army had to retreat when they were surrounded by the Qing army. The Qing Dynasty finally fell in 1911.

The weather today is irratic. It was very hot like 32 degree C when we were sketching. However, it started pouring with repeated ligtnings and thunders after the Akido class one hour later. We saw at least two big falling brunches on the road on our way home. I got home, scan and post. It is still raining like cats and dogs outside.