Thursday, January 08, 2009

Venice from my travel sketchbooks


St. Mark's Square, Venice. I like this drawing a lot. It was done very quickly and I can still remember how I added the birds last in a few strokes!

I went to Venice with a small group of American classmates on a summer programme in 2001. It was such an unique 'back to college' experience for me. We stayed at a local camp site outside Venice and the journey to the city took us almost one hour by local bus. I was the only 'matured' Asian student then but I wanted to follow my younger friends so we stayed at this simple, far away camp site for less than US$10 per head and ate pizzas or hot dogs with water. I must be 20 years older than my American classmates but I probably did not look my age then to the Americans. When I told them my elder son was already 17, they all fell off their chairs....