Saturday, January 31, 2009


lion dance
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Chinese New Year celebrations last for 15 days. There are lots of excitements and fun. Today we greet the arrival of the lion dance troupe once again to bless the neighbourhood for the year of the OX. I was not ready for a sketch but I decided to go for it to give myself a challenge. With all that greetings from my neighbours and kids it was really difficult to concentrate before the lion dance ended. Lion Dance requires skill and training, and is often taught at martial arts schools. As part of the dance, the lion peels the mandarin oranges and makes a auspicous chinese character on the floor with the fruits. The kids are thrilled so as the adults.

I did the quick sketch and it was messy, so I came home added the grey colourpencil shading. The lion is red which is a lucky colour for Chinese and I also highlight the mandarin oranges. I post this imediately when I am done. The entire process from sketching to uploading plus a quick coffee in between takes me about 2 hours in a hot Saturday afternoon here from our sunny island. I am happy with the result.