Friday, December 05, 2008

Club Street

60 Club Street

On day in April this year, I was at club street finising up my drawing. The week before I started the drawing with bright sunrays showering at the building and I was so glad I thought I could include the sharp shadows as part of the composition to give the drawing the 'soul'. However, 15 minutes into the act, the raindrops fell on my sketchbook causing the page to warp and I had no choice but to stop. I went back a week later to the same spot to continue but there was no sun! No sun no shadow so I had to change the mood of the drawing. Clement from Eden Cafe came to sit with me for a while and we chat. He was going to open his second outlet at Rochester Park! 'So when are you going to have exhibiton at my cafe?' he asked. We talked about the neighbourhood, about the people, who's in who's out. We people watched together;made comments about the delivery trucks and laughed at funny sight. As I was drawing after he left me, an American tourist came and we chat. He said "this area is so well developed with the new and the old blended together, better than what Hong Kong has done". And he went on "Is this your hobby?" I replied "It is more than a hobby for me." Now, I am pleased to show you the drawing I did on 19 April 2008, Club Street, Singapore.