Wednesday, March 01, 2006


quote from :

"Tiazzi was recently launched and is receiving a strong welcome thanks in part to promotion and coupons to try the drink. Tiazzi represents the idea of constant self-renewal that Starbucks embodies -- not to embrace the status quo, not to rest on past success, but always to be a step ahead of any competition, sometimes by means of surprising customers with drinks no one else has considered. Starbucks must leverage its foot traffic, and Tiazzi introduces another beverage choice aside from coffee. "

Tiazzi is a tea-based summer frappuccinos introduced in 1998 according to Starbucks. It is a tangerine-lime flavor, a blend of tea, tangerine and orange juices with a hint of lime.

I am crazy about anything with Tia but tea drink from starbucks is a no no for me.