Sunday, August 09, 2015

Happy National Day 2015

Today our nation celebrates 50th National Day. I had a busy day yesterday on all things SG50. While my husband was queuing to get into Art Science Museum, I did a sketch shown here at the Marina Bay. Everywhere was packed with people at Marina Bay but we had a restful late lunch at the No Signboard seafood restaurant at Esplanade. 3:30pm was our talk at the Esplanade Library and another restful teabreak with the potters before we had dinner at No Signboard again. This time the restaurant was packed and we were lucky to be given a table with a condition not to exceed one hour for our dinner. It was alright for us as we had a Nanyin concert to watch at the Esplanade Recital Studio at 7:30pm. After the concert, I stayed back to listen to the post-talk while my potter friends went home. As I got out of Esplanade, the fireworks had just ended but I was able to see the last laser show by MBS. I also managed to see The Fullenton clad in huge digital national flag. What a day and happy National Day and SG50 to everyone.