Monday, April 02, 2012

Sunday breakfast and dinner

Sunday breakfast at a coffee shop, corner of Telok Kurau and Changi Road. There was a long queue at the tim sum stall so we decided to park our car nearby and tried it out. The group of middle-age men were chatting loudly and one of them was with a Hong Kong accent. They were still chatting when we left. The coffee shop is Kopitalk but the tim sum was just next door called Hong Ho Phang Hong Kong Pau, what a long name

This stall owner uses charcoal to fry his Hokkien Mee. The charcoal fire heats up the entire big wok and even the noodles taste 'charcoal fried'. On Sunday evening, there is a very long queue at the stall. I waited for almost half and hour for my turn but I had time to sketch this while my husband stood in the waiting line. HA!