Saturday, July 10, 2010

interesting people at earshot


On Tuesday, I brought my class to Boat Quay for a drawing trip again. Some of us also visited the Asian Civilization Museum as the entry fee was now FREE for staff and students from Schools, Junior Colleges and the Polytechnics. I later went to the nearby cafe called Earshot at Art House for coffee. The cafe was preparing for a writers' night with two technicians setting up of microphones and projector next to my table. A lady came to tell the technicians to lower the volume as she was conducting an interview. It caught my attention that I put down my book and looked at the lady. She was Irene Ng, our lady MP! I was curious who was she interviewing so I moved to another seat and realized she was interviewing our ex-Permanent Secretary - Mr Ngiam Tong Dow. Don't ask me about their conversation because I did not pay attention to that since I was more concerned about finishing the sketch and leaving as soon as possible so as not to incur more parking charges for my car which was parked about 1km away at Golden Shoe; a public car park. The parking fee was $17 this time. The last time I brought the students out, the parking fee was $28. 'Ouch!'