Monday, October 12, 2009

a very hot afternoon

, originally uploaded by tiastudio.

Done with my new Hero M86 Calligraphy Pen.

The afternoon heat was unbearable so I sat in the air-cond car and sketched the street - Syed Alwi Road. I had a sketch done for the row of shophouse with oval windows on the left early this year. This was the second car that blocked my view for the whole period I was sketching. The first one drove away. This one also parked for like 5 minutes and I had to scramble with the outline of the car when I saw the driver came back from nowhere with lunch packages. A big van very quickly filled in the parking lot and blocked my view totally. I moved my car a little in order to finish the sketch. That was the situation a sketcher has to deal with when you are sketching 'moving targets'.